About Us

BC Photographic is the trading name of Berni Coffin.

Berni has been photographing sports for over 20 years, initially mainly motor sports which gave him the speed and practice. In 2003, when the English Gymnastic Championships came to WSG Melksham, he was invited to photograph the event by the parents of the current British Junior Champion. She was a regular client of Berni's, who was self-employed as a sports massage and holistic therapist. At the time photography was just a hobby!
Berni Coffin

Using his skills in reading body language and the use of the fast camera and lenses he used for the motor sport, his photos were of very high quality from the beginning. After seeing these first results, Wiltshire School of Gymnastics invited Berni back to cover another more local competition. This was the start. Since then Berni has achieved quite a reputation for the quality of his action photographs. He is currently covering all British Gymnastic Women’s Artistic competitions and has covered the English Gymnastic Championships since 2004. Last year he was the preferred commercial photographer for the British Championships for the first time, and is thrilled to be returning to Liverpool again this year.

He and his partner, Sallyann, who shows the pictures and runs the sales side of things on site, travel nationally to cover all levels of competition including club floor and vault and regional qualifiers, as well as the big BG competitions. Berni usually takes the whole routine on two pieces of apparatus and sometimes a third during warm-up as well. This can provide the family with at least 30-40 quality photographs to choose from (probably 5-10 of every person from the shorter routines of club comps). Due to this number of photographs taken, calendars and collages can easily be produced. All prints are processed by a high quality photo-lab in Scotland, giving the customer the best possible quality print for a reasonable price. (Unlike most of our competitors, who use inkjet printers).

BC Gymphotos do not charge for their services, but give a percentage of any takings to the organising body so if you are an event organiser and would like us to attend and take photographs at your event then please contact us.
e-mail: berni@bc-photographic.co.uk